A Turkey ice cream parlor’s business takes a hit, too

A Turkish ice cream shop is in the middle of a $6.7 million foreclosure after its owners lost their job and lost the family’s business.

The family’s owners are still in the process of making a payment to the bank and hope to reopen soon, said Mehmet Karaziz, the owner of Turkish Ice Cream Parlor in Alexandria.

They had been struggling financially and had been making less than $10,000 a year, Karazaziz said.

But they were forced to make the difficult decision to sell their business in a foreclosure auction, which meant the family had to find another business.

The business was closed, Karzaziz told The Washington Post.

It’s the second time the Karzas have been forced to sell a business.

Last summer, the Karza family had their lease at a restaurant at 617 F St. NW torn down after a bankruptcy judge ordered it to be torn down.

The restaurant’s lease expires in 2019.

The Karzás have been working for more than 30 years and opened Turkish Ice cream Parlor after spending years as a small-town ice cream store.

“We’ve been doing this for 30 years.

We’ve built our business,” Karzaza said.

“We’ve worked really hard to be successful.

We want to be able to continue to do this and we want to continue working on this business.”

Karzazias family said the family has struggled to keep up with changing technology.

They said they used to have a microwave oven and now they use an electric oven.

The business closed last month, Karza said.

The family is now trying to find a buyer.