Whipped cream frosting with peppermint icing on ice cream

A couple in their early 30s from Adelaide have created a frosting that pairs perfectly with ice cream.

The recipe is called Whipped Cream Ice Cream Icecream Frosting, and the icing is made with Peppermint Ice Cream.

It’s perfect for a date night or party, or to decorate a dessert with.

It comes in two flavours, the ice cream and the peppermint, with a spoon for icing.

The pair posted the recipe on Instagram, and said they are hoping to raise money for their local hospital.

“It’s just about trying to keep it all simple and just have fun with it,” the post said.

“The ice cream is really nice, and then the peppermints taste really good.”

The frosting can be used for many different things, including desserts, cakes, and ice cream “The thing about it is that it’s really easy to make, and I can make it on the go with my phone,” the couple told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“So I’ve just been trying to take as many steps as possible and get it done in the least amount of time.”

The couple posted the frosting recipe on the Instagram page “What’s My Name?”

A video of the frostings being baked and enjoyed by the couple, and shared by friends, has been viewed more than 2,000 times.

“It definitely takes some time to bake and chill and make it, but it’s so delicious,” the woman said.

Her husband has a special interest in baking ice cream for friends, and he also enjoys helping his friends make ice cream at home.

“If I had to say the secret to making ice cream,” she said, “it’s making it in the morning.

It’s just not until the middle of the night does I go to bed.”

The couple said they were inspired by the ice-cream makers at a local community ice cream store.

“They make a lot of ice cream out there,” she explained.


I think that’s the thing that makes us stand out from the rest of the ice creams out there.”