How to get a cute ice cream scoop in a picture

It’s hard to get cute ice creams on the internet these days, but the internet does have an outlet for cute ice pops and candy canes.

Here’s how to get your ice cream cone, candy can, and ice cream shot into a cute photo.


Get a cute shot with the ice cream cannon You can use a cute lens, but we prefer a real camera.

For this tutorial, we’re going to use the Cool-Shot, a $99, 3D digital camera that allows you to take pictures with your smartphone or tablet.

The Cool-shot comes with a camera that lets you shoot in all four corners, and you can zoom in on specific details like the ice creamer’s nozzle or the ice-cream cone.

To get started, you’ll need to pick one of the Cool Shot’s four settings: snap to a location, shoot in low light, focus manually, or manually.

When you start shooting, you can also choose from different filters to adjust the overall look of your shot.

The settings are customizable and you’ll want to experiment with them until you’re comfortable.


Choose a cute, realistic ice cream scene For this example, we’ll focus on the ice ice cream you get in the Cool Shots package.

Choose the ice and ice- cream flavors you want to use, and then choose the right location for the shot.

For the first picture, we’ve picked a photo of a family of three sitting on a porch, with their arms crossed.

This is an ideal ice-cold shot, so choose the “family” setting to get the best shots.

For our next shot, we want to show off our kids.

We’ve chosen a cute picture of a young girl sitting in the kitchen with a big scoop of ice cream.

Choose from “family”, “soda” or “hot water”.

The kids’ arms are crossed, so we can easily tell them apart.

The “sugar-free” option is ideal, as we want the ice to melt and make their faces look pretty.

We can also adjust the focus manually to make the kids’ faces pop.

You’ll notice that our children are in the middle of the ice, so the camera has to move quickly to catch them.

Choose “family mode”, and the camera will automatically focus on them.

You can also set the camera to shoot in a specific angle, and the kids will look even more cute.


Set the shot to auto-focus The Cool Shots app will help you set the focus, or focus manually.

For now, we only want to focus on one person.

Choose your subject, and tap “auto focus”.

The app will tell you what to do with the focus.

Select a location and tap the focus button to focus the camera on that location.

If you’re not happy with the results, you have the option to zoom in to your subject.


Take the shot When you’re happy with your results, tap the “save” button to save the photo to your Camera Roll.

You won’t be able to share the photo with your friends or family until you finish the process.

To close out the process, tap “save again”.

You can save the picture to your phone or tablet, or you can copy and paste the image on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.