How to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday – and what you need to know

It was the most-watched sporting event in the UK since the World Cup last year and the best-attended in Europe. 

The show is in a league of its own as it reaches its second week. 

But this year the games have attracted a huge amount of attention as they have become a major international sporting event. 

And with the Olympics coming up, the coverage is likely to ramp up.

What to watch this weekend: The London Olympics are live on BBC Two on Sunday 8 February, 5:45pm-6:45am.

The second round of the men’s Olympic hockey final is at 5:00pm on Sunday 6 February, and then the women’s final is 5:15pm on Saturday 5 March. 

It is the biggest sporting event since the 2016 World Cup. 

However, despite the massive interest in the event, there is no shortage of shows for people to watch. 

This is where the Sports Cup Network is a great option. 

For free, you can watch live events such as the World Cups on BBC One, Sky and BT Sport. 

If you want to catch up on a game you may be able to watch it on Sky Sports, BT Sport or Sky HD, depending on the channel. 

You can also catch up via Sky’s Sport Extra, Sky Plus, BT Sport or BT Sport Plus. 

Free-to-air channels Sky, BT, S4C and Sky HD will be showing all the games live on Sunday and Monday as part of the Sports Extra package. 

What you need To watch the Games on the channel: You need a broadband internet connection or an internet connection with at least 4Mbps speed. 

An HDTV with a minimum of 4K resolution is also recommended as the event will be live streamed on BBC Two and BBC Three. 

When you sign up, you will need to add your email address to the SportsCupshow list to avoid missing out on the show. 

To check if you have a valid email address, click here. 

Then you will need the SportsCupsshow channel to add you to the list of members. 

Once you add your email address to the list you can watch the live games and games from all the channels without subscriptions. 

As a bonus, the channel will be providing the full sports coverage for free on Sunday. 

There are a number of ways to watch on the channel: It can be streamed on a mobile device with a free app from the BBC Sport app. 

Or you can download the app and use the ‘Watch’ option from the home screen to watch the games on your mobile device. 

All the channel will be available at £6.99/£7.99 per month from Sunday until April 3. 

Alternatively, it can be streamed on the ESPN TV app for £9.99 (one month) and £12.99 (three months). 

There is also a free app on mobile phones from the BBC Sport app, but you need to register for the subscription to get it. 

Also there is a £1.99 a week subscription for a digital video delivery to all the channels at the time you register. 

Want more sports coverage? 

You could also use our Sports Extra section for more games coverage. 

We will have a special section for the Olympics at a special time for all of the sports on Sunday at 7pm. 

So if you want more sports to go with your Monday morning work, we can provide you with up to £1.00 on top of £3.99 on the website for every event. 

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