Ice cream maker to open ‘the next Google’ in Montreal

The owners of a Montreal ice cream maker are looking to open a Google headquarters in the city, amid the country’s ongoing recession.

The company is named after a Google search engine, Ice Cream, that was launched in 2008 and has grown into one of Canada’s largest food companies.

The company plans to expand its operations to Quebec and New Brunswick in 2018.

The Quebec City location will be the first of its kind in Canada.

“Google is very much on the rise,” said the owner, Chris LaCroix.

“We’re seeing an exponential growth of searches and searches for other search engines, and the Ice Cream brand is a great example of that.”

LaCroix says Google has opened offices in many countries, but Montreal has never been in its sights.

The city is currently suffering from a severe recession and the city’s population is shrinking.

LaCroIX says the Ice Cone company will be able to hire a staff of about 40 people, which he says will be enough to handle the growth.

“If Google can do that, there’s no doubt we can.”

LaCrosse is hopeful that the company can open a second location in Montreal.

He says he hopes to open in 2018, but the first will be more difficult.

“I think we’ll need to go all the way to 2019, and that’s when we’ll see if it’s worth it,” he said.

The first Ice Cream is expected to open sometime in late 2020 or early 2021, with a second opening in 2021.

When ice cream is the NFL’s top draw, so are its hottest stars

The NFL is still a place where fans can be forgiven for being bored, but a new survey of fans found that people still want ice cream.

According to Nielsen, ice cream’s share of fans’ daily entertainment was the highest since Nielsen began tracking it in 2005, with ice cream dominating among fans ages 25 to 54.

In fact, ice creams ranked as the most popular type of entertainment in the study, with 42 percent of those surveyed saying they were addicted to the dessert.

And that’s not even counting the ice cream-related news that’s been breaking out over the past few weeks: On Sunday, The Associated Press reported that ESPN and Disney are partnering to bring their popular Frozen movie to the ice rink in 2018.