How to get whiteys Ice Cream for the Christmas season

This is a question I get a lot from Reddit users when I’m shopping for ice cream.

“My parents are out of town and I can’t find ice cream that they’ve been making for years,” I hear them say.

The problem with this is that the exact same ice cream has been made at home for generations, with the exact recipe, ingredients, and flavors.

“The ice cream itself is a perfect example of how to make ice cream at home,” says J.J. Hensley, author of the book Ice Cream: A Beginner’s Guide.

“You can buy frozen, frozen-frozen, and frozen-fresh versions of the same exact recipe.”

So, to make your own whiteys cream, it’s pretty simple.

First, you’ll need: White chocolate chips to decorate your whiteys cupcake. 

(I’m including this one for the sake of this post.) 

Cookie dough for your whitey frosting. 

Cream cheese to decorating your white chocolate cupcake ice cream cupcake cupcake Frosting to decorated whiteys frosting cupcake Ice cream to decorates whiteys frozen frosting Frosting tips: 1.

Use butter.

Butter works best, but you can use non-fat, or coconut, butter for the frosting, too.


Place the cookie dough in a large bowl and mix with your fingers until it’s smooth.


Fill a large cookie cup with the melted butter.

Fill another large cookie bowl with the chocolate chips. 

Now, add your frosting and your cookie dough and mix until you have a nice, fluffy mixture.

(If you use frozen, use the froster you prepared earlier.)


Fold in the ice cream until completely incorporated.

Serve immediately with a slice of white chocolate and a sprinkling of sugar. 

This is a great ice cream to try out if you’re looking for something simple to make at home, and you don’t want to wait until Christmas.

Posted by jjhensley at 3:01 PM