‘We are not interested’: What you need to know about Uber and UberPool before it launches in the UK

Engadge 0 shares Share Share With its introduction to the UK this week, Uber is setting itself up for a showdown with rival ride-sharing services.

The ride-hailing app, which was launched in the US in 2011, has become a hotbed of controversy, with some people complaining about the way it operates.

Its drivers are treated like “independent contractors”, and there are fears that UberPool will force many of them into exploitative relationships with drivers who work for it.

UberPool, which has launched in England, Scotland and Wales, says it will treat all drivers equally and that it does not discriminate against drivers.

But the company has been hit with legal action over drivers being paid less than they earn on the Uber app.

It is currently in talks with Uber to resolve the legal challenges.

In a statement, Uber said: “Uber has been working closely with legal teams to find a solution that respects drivers’ rights and protects their jobs, but this is not the right path.”

We are looking into our options and are exploring all options.

“It also said that Uber’s drivers were already paid by their employers in the USA and elsewhere.

What’s in your Uber account?