NHL players have the best ice cream tastes, too!

NHL players aren’t the only ones with the most incredible ice cream flavors.

Here’s a look at the top 10 ice cream flavor combinations, along with how they compare to other popular ice cream brands.1.

Dairy ice cream, by Ice Cream Confectioners, P.O. Box 614, St. Paul, MN 55419-6014E-mail: [email protected] cream confectionery is located in St. Peters, Minnesota, but you can order it online or in stores.2.

Chunk of vanilla ice cream by Ice House, P: 1,971 East Main Street, Pomona, NY 12602-2474E-Mail: [email protected].com3.

Chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate by Fruity Smoothie, P, 929 South Main Street Suite 110, Pompano Beach, FL 33429-2401E- Mail: [email protected]

Cherry ice cream ice cream mix by Biscuit Bar, P1, 612 W Main Street St. Petersburg, FL 33718-3102E- mail: [email protected], com5.

Vanilla ice cream w/ chocolate by Strawberry Fields, P4, 811 South Main St. Pete, FL 33306-2904E- email: [email protected] com6.

Chocolate ice cream bar by Cappuccino Bar, S: 714 S Main St, Orlando, FL 32812-7275E- e-mail, [email protected]

Chocolate milkshake by Ice Bar, LLC, P6, 931 South Main, Pembroke Pines, FL 32919-1499E- Email: [email protected]

Strawberry ice cream cake by Stumptown Chocolate, P3, 801 Main St St. Lucie, FL 33056-1401E/Mail: [email protected]

Chocolate ice cream sundae with chocolate w/ cream by F.A.O., P, 807 Main St., Tampa, FL 33629-8404E- E-mail (813) 652-855510.

Chocolate milk bar ice cream sandwich by Ice Cafe, P2, 511 South Broadway Suite 130, Orlando FL 32818-5222E-E-Email: [email protected]

Vanilla milkshakes by Dairy Queen, P5, 602 Main St Suite 110 St. Louis, MO 63101-2115E- Contact: [email protected]; email: [email protected]

Frosted strawberry milkshows by Ice Tea, P8, 516 South Main Suite 105, St Louis, Mo 63112-2515E- contact: [email protected]

Ice Cream Popsicle Bar ice cream and cream sundaes with vanilla ice Cream, P11, 517 South Broadway, Suite 105 St.

Louis, MO 63030-2120E-Contact: [email protected]

Chunky vanilla icecream with chocolate ice cream bars by Strawberry Field, P12, 526 Main St Ste.

2, Tampa, Florida 33629, 8403-4111E-contact: [email protected]

Chocolat ice cream pie by Ice Fondue, P13, 541 South Broadway Ste.

101, Tampa FL 33630-3222EContact: [email protected]

Ice cream with milk ice cream sandwiches by Ice Cake, P15, 551 South Broadway St., St. George, UT 84040-3565E-e- email contact: [email protected]

Chubby ice cream at the ice cream parlor by Ice Palace, P16, 552 South Broadway Street, St Petersburg, Florida, 33712-3105E- phone: +1 (408) 875-6355 or (812) 438-0222E6.

Ice-cream cake ice cream tart by The Ice Cream Parlor, P17, 543 South Broadway Drive Suite 103, St Peter, Utah 84106-5305E-Phone: (801) 799-0275 or (801).


711-5678EEmail: info [email protected], or follow me on Twitter @ice_cream_blog.7.

Ice creams by Creme De Leche, P19, 1,611 South St. Suite 120, Tampa Florida 33601-3140E- Telephone: +727.543.7888EContact email: [email protected]

Choconut ice cream poutine by Ice Bist