How much ice cream is too much?

The Irish Mail has published an interesting article on the health risks of consuming too much ice-cream in general.

It suggests that eating too much of the stuff could lead to the death of the liver.

There are plenty of health benefits to the consumption of ice cream.

It helps you lose weight.

Ice cream also helps prevent colds and flu.

And you can even lose weight if you eat a lot of it.

A study by the British Journal of Nutrition, for instance, suggested that those who drank ice cream three or more times a week had lower BMI than those who did not.

However, it also warned that “people with obesity are more likely to suffer from a number of chronic diseases and more likely than those with a healthy weight to suffer a number a complications”.

The Irish Times article notes that the health risk posed by consuming too many ice-melons has been documented in a number, including an outbreak in China last year.

“We need to understand the relationship between ice cream consumption and the risk of liver failure and cancer,” the authors wrote.

The article says the researchers have found that ice cream can actually lower your risk of death, particularly if you have a family history of cirrhosis.

But you also have a risk of getting liver disease and cirrhotic heart disease from the consumption, which could be why the authors have called for a ban on the product.

“The ice cream industry should do more to inform consumers and educate them on the benefits of eating more ice cream and how to minimise its intake,” they said.