‘Blessed to be you’: A family’s first kiss at the ice cream shop

A family with three young children and two granddaughters have celebrated their first kiss with the help of an ice cream cone.

The family, from California, told ABC News they went to a store in San Jose to buy a couple of cones.

“They said there were only five cones, so I figured, ‘Well, let’s make a couple,'” Stephanie Oberweis said.

The young couple went to the ice-cream shop with their two daughters, ages 2 and 6, and their granddaughter, ages 6.

They said they decided to give the ice cone a little kiss because they thought it would be cute and to share a little happiness.

“The ice cream store staff was very nice and the ice creams were great,” Stephanie Obers said.

But it wasn’t long before she got a phone call.

“A man walked up to the counter and he asked if we wanted a little hug,” she said.

“It was a really nice touch,” Stephanie said.

A couple of minutes later, the family was in a car with the man and his wife, and the couple hugged the man, Stephanie said.

“It’s kind of touching,” Stephanie added.

“I don’t think I could get my heart more full, if you will,” Stephanie replied.

“The man told me it was a blessing.”

The Obers say they plan to have a second kiss this week.