When Blizzard will finally open up Overwatch’s multiplayer mode for all to play

Blizzard has just revealed what it’s calling “The Open,” the “biggest and most ambitious expansion to the Overwatch universe yet.”

That’s right, it’ll feature some of Overwatch’s most iconic characters in a massive open world, with the game’s biggest open world map ever.

The expansion will be out on November 7, but we’ve got a few details for you about the expansion right now.

First off, it’s free to download, meaning it won’t require you to spend real money to play.

Blizzard is releasing the expansion free of charge, and it’ll be available for everyone who preorders Overwatch’s launch, and players will have the option to upgrade their characters through “gifts,” or pay for them directly via in-game currency.

The free content will be released on November 5, and the expansion will feature six heroes from across Blizzard’s Overwatch roster.

Blizzard also announced that the expansion includes an Overwatch Story mode, which will take place in an “unrealistic, post-apocalyptic, and mysterious world” with new locations and quests.

You can check out some of the new maps that’ll be included in the expansion here, including the city of Blackheart’s Bay, which looks absolutely gorgeous.

Overwatch’s story mode will be the most impressive of all the maps in the game, and you’ll be able to take part in multiple quests to get more of the story.

The first of these will lead you to a hidden location in Blackheart, which is set in the early 1800s.

This location has a lot of secrets and secrets within, so you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for any clues.

There’s also a new area that’s not part of the main story, and that’s the new “Blackheart’s Passage,” which will be open to players with the first two expansions, Overwatch: Origins and Overwatch: Cataclysm.

There are also a number of new quests in the new map, which includes a quest that asks you to find out what happened to the mysterious man who called himself the “Champion of the North.”

The man who calls himself the Champion of the South has been gone for a while, and he’s not seen in the open world for quite some time.

That’s why you’ll have to look out for him.

As a result, you’ll find a bunch of strange creatures and creatures that look a lot like the North Koreans you encountered in the Overwatch storyline, and they’ll also have some interesting new powers.

You’ll also get access to new armor sets, which include a “savage” variant of your Overwatch outfit, a “champion” variant, and a “warrior” variant.

The champion variant will feature some new gear, and all three will have different animations and skills.

There are also new “traits” that players can use to help them gain access to these new gear sets, and there’s also the possibility of getting a new hero in a new story-based quest that involves finding and rescuing a traitor.

You also get new items for the armor set, which are new items that will be exclusive to the Champion and Warrior variants of the armor.

They’re mostly cosmetic items, but they’ll let you use them to your advantage.

The Warrior and Champion armor sets come with unique weapons, which you’ll use to take out more of those mysterious creatures that were hiding in the Blackheart area.

You might be wondering what the new items will be, but Blizzard has already revealed the details of the first three new items, so they’ll have some pretty important information to share with you.

The new item will be “The Champion’s Pauldron,” which is a new armor that’s based on the champion’s weapon.

It’ll be a really cool new piece of gear that will allow you to take down more enemies and bosses with your weapon.

The other two items will “be the Champion’s Gloves,” which are essentially the same armor that you can get with your Champion, and “The Black Heart’s Shield,” which looks like a shield that’s just for the Champion.

The other three new pieces of gear are “The Champions’ Bracers,” which look like the armor that the Champion wore, and then “The Warriors’ Helmets,” which resemble the weapons that the Warrior wore.

They’ll let players take down bosses that the champion is facing, or take out enemy characters that the Black Heart was fighting in the past.

You’ll also be able wear these new pieces to your head, which means that players will be able more easily customize their character’s look and feel.

You can also upgrade the look of your weapons to suit your favorite heroes, so be sure to keep an eye out for that when the expansion launches.

As for the new armor, it looks amazing.

I’m excited to see what it will look like.

I can’t wait to see how you guys play this expansion, and I can only hope that it’ll add some great new content to the game.