Ice cream maker says its ‘biggest customer’ is UK government

An ice cream maker has come under fire from the UK government after a blog post claiming it was “biggest” customer in the country.

The post was written by a woman from the town of Bournemouth who called herself ‘Bournemouth ice cream’.

It was published by a local business in the town and was written in March.

The blog post claims to have been written by an ice cream business in Bournettish, but it is not clear whether it was the original post or a copy.

Bourn Cherries Ice Cream said in a statement that the post “has been taken down”.

It said it was responding to “a complaint from a local resident” and that it had “reopened our business to all our customers”.

It added that the company “has received complaints of this nature from other local businesses in the area”.

The post has been removed from the ice cream’s website, but the business has not.

The woman’s blog post is believed to have appeared on a local news website called ‘Barry’, which is linked to the Bournhams Ice Creams company.

It says the company has “never received a complaint”.

Bourncherry said in the statement that it “had a very positive experience with the ice creams from the first day of opening” and has been “very grateful to all those who have helped make this happen”.

The company has previously been criticised by the UK Government over the way it operates.

In October, the company’s owners were fined £250,000 by the government for failing to comply with a requirement to disclose their financial results to the authorities.

Bowness and Warrington Council said the council was investigating the claims.

‘Biggest customer in Britain’ The Bournborough Ice Cream and Ice Cream Parlour website, which claims to be based in the city of Bowne, Bournmouth, is also linked to Bownesse Ice Cream.

It states on its website that it is “the biggest customer in Bownesses ice cream and ice cream parlour and is also a big customer of Brawdby ice cream shop”.

Bownes Ice Cream owner Stephen Liddell, from the West Midlands, told BBC Radio 5 live the claim was “ridiculous”.

He said that he was “absolutely surprised” and would be “very disappointed” if it was true.

He said the business had “never been approached” by the British government.

He added that he had been “working very hard to ensure our business is doing great” and “we are very happy with our customer base”.

The Bownsie Ice Cream company is also owned by the same company, Bownees Ice Cream, which is based in Brawdon, Warrington.

The company also owns a second business, Brawden Ice Cream in the county, but that business is not linked to either Bownces Ice Cream or Bownles Ice Cream Pty Ltd.

Brawdy Ice Cream is based at the same address.

The Brawds Ice Cream shop has a website that states that it was opened by a member of the Brawdes family.

It is linked on the website to the family of Bynny, who died in 2006.

In November, the business was fined £100,000 for not disclosing the full amount of money it had made from selling ice cream.

Bynney was found to have a brain tumour and died two years after the death.

The owner of Bwynn Ice Cream was also fined £200,000, and the business’s director was fined more than £500,000.

A spokeswoman for the Bwynndys said the company had not received any complaint from the government.

The spokeswoman added that it has “no plans” to reopen the business, adding that the “situation has been resolved and the company will continue to operate.”

Bynnys Ice Cream posted on its Facebook page on Thursday that it would reopen “as soon as we can”.

The Facebook post said: “We have never received any complaints from the authorities but we would like to reassure everyone that we are happy with the way we have operated and we will be taking all necessary measures to ensure we are able to continue as normal.”