Ice cream factory opens in West Palm Beach


— Marianne’s Ice Cream in West Palmdale opened Wednesday for the first time in almost a decade.

The store is located on the north side of West Palm Drive, across from the former West Palm Coliseum.

Marianne and her husband, Ron, have lived in West Miami for about 20 years.

She said they were looking for a place to spend a vacation after Ron got sick and her sister passed away.

They bought the home in 2010 and the space is perfect.

They’re so excited about this opening.

The restaurant is run by Ron and Marianne, who have two grown children and a 13-year-old son.

They plan to open a second location in West Naples.

They have been selling ice cream since 1986.

They bought a former ice cream plant that is now used to make ice cream in Florida.

They’re also working on their third location.

Ron said they’ve had great customer satisfaction and were looking to expand.

He said the couple has never been a huge ice cream fan, but now they have two ice cream shops.

The shop was started in 1988 and Ron said it has been a family business.

The couple also sells ice cream to Disney theme parks, which are operated by Universal Studios.

Ron and Mariane have been together for almost 20 years, but they were divorced in 2014.

They are expecting their first child, their first granddaughter, in 2019.

Ron is a member of the West Palm International Airport’s Global Aviation Advisory Board.