‘Brick’ ice cream company’s CEO gets job at $1.5M company

Former President Bill Clinton has hired billionaire and longtime investor Doug Pederson to lead the company that owns his own ice cream and other brands.

Pederson was hired as CEO in July and was given the job by Clinton.

Pedson’s new role gives Pederson a larger role at the company, which is the latest addition to a portfolio that includes Dunkin’ Donuts, Ice Cream Kings, and Vancity Buzz.

Pedersons experience in ice cream manufacturing has led to the creation of some of the most recognizable brands, including Ice Cream Krazy and the now-defunct Diabetic Ice Cream.

Pedersen was a longtime backer of Clinton’s presidential bid.

He previously served as a board member at the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton is known for his strong social and political stances, including supporting the Keystone XL pipeline and his 2016 presidential bid against Donald Trump.

Pedederson’s nomination comes after a number of high-profile corporate names, including Comcast, Google, and Facebook, have left the Clinton family fortune since her election victory.

Pedenons hiring comes amid an effort by the Clinton campaign to attract younger women to run for office.

Pedsons nomination is part of a broader effort to expand the political diversity of the Clinton clan, which has also hired former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be vice chair of the Democratic National Committee.