Which is best to order at the Indian ice cream store?

Indian ice-cream shops have become known for their rich cream, and it is usually served up in ice-filled mugs, which are usually decorated with photos of the owners.

The store owners also offer free samples, which the customers can take home and enjoy.

But the ice cream is usually a bit dry and tasteless, and the taste is not as creamy and creamy as it could be.

In some cases, it tastes worse than the ice-cold version, while in others, the flavour is very good.

One popular ice cream shop in Chennai, known as Ice Cream Shop, offers a variety of flavors to suit the tastes of all customers.

When the ice is cold, the ice melts, which causes the icecream to thicken, while when the ice comes out, the cream forms a thin, thick paste.

It’s a traditional way of serving ice-creme, which has a good flavor, but sometimes it tastes a little salty.

Ice cream is served in mugs filled with ice cream.

Many ice-sauce shops also offer cold-cured ice cream as well.

An Indian ice shop in Kolkata.

(Photo credit: Anjali Jadhav)The ice-making process at a dairy farm in Pune, Maharashtra.

(Source: Instagram)An ice cream parlor in Puducherry.

(Image credit: Instagram user Aakash Bhattacharya)Another ice-maker in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Uttar Pradesh.

(Credit: Instagram/Aakash Bharath)The frozen-cream parlor at a shop in Kochi, Maharashtra.(Source: Getty Images) A ice-cake shop in Gurgaon.(Source, Getty Images.)

Ice-cream is sold at a market in Chennai.(Source:(Getty Images))A ice cream restaurant in Mumbai.(Source (Getty Images)The shop owners in Chennai are not just the ones who make the ice and the cream, but also the owners of the dairy farm.

According to a blog post by Indian food writer K.P. Rakeshwaran, the dairy owners work hard to preserve their quality of milk and eggs, so that the ice they serve is of the highest quality.

This is also the case for ice-makers.

Ice-cream makers are not only the ones making the ice, but they also work hard with the quality of the milk and the eggs that go into it.

At the ice shop, it’s usually a mixture of milk, eggs and cream, which they use to make ice cream that is thick, creamy and thick.

Another popular ice-shop in Chennai offers a wide variety of flavours to suit everyone’s taste.

Here, the customer can choose between a variety and they will get their choice of flavors, such as sweet and sour.

I also find it a good idea to try the ice cold version of the ice in order to get the best flavour.

A customer is seen enjoying ice-cooled ice cream from a shop at a popular ice parlor, in Panchkula.(Photo credit:(GettyImages))