A new ice cream shop in a new city is making some customers’ dreams come true

Costco is launching a new ice-cream shop in the city of Los Angeles.

The store, called Ice Cream Cone, will open its doors on April 12.

Its creators say it’s the first place to buy a cone of ice cream in Los Angeles, and it’s designed to be an experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

“I think that it’s going to be a real success,” said Sarah Sohn, the co-founder of Ice Cream Cup, which is owned by Sohn and her husband.

“We’ve been making it for a couple of years now, but we never really thought we were going to see a new store like this open in our hometown.”

Costco said it started developing the new location in October, and the ice-shop will debut at the end of April.

The ice cream cone is made with fresh, real-life ice cream.

Its ingredients include a small amount of sugar, cream, cream cheese, vanilla, and coconut.

Costco says it’s one of many that the company is developing in the Los Angeles area.

The company has two locations in San Francisco, and one in New York.

Costca is trying to grow in a city that’s becoming a tech hub, but its success may hinge on a small town with a lot of millennials, according to Sohn.

“A lot of these cities, the millennials are going to have a lot to offer,” she said.

“This is one of those cities where it’s hard to really find an ice cream.”

Costca says it has an ice-making factory in the town of Lodi, Calif., and will add more to the ice shop.