You’ll love Dreyer Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sundae, Tempura Ice Cream

Rich, a frozen food company, has a new take on ice cream sundaes.

It’s called Rich Ice Creams, and the company launched its first ice cream in 2018.

Rich Ice Cream is currently offering a seasonal menu of ice cream and ice cream sandwiches with a variety of toppings, but the company is expanding into other ice cream flavors in the future.

You can see Rich Ice Cleaner, Rich Ice Shake, Rich Sugar, Rich Lemonade, and Rich Vanilla Ice Cream in the video below.

Here are some other highlights of Rich Ice: Rich Sugar is a light-bodied ice cream that Rich says has a rich, nutty taste and texture.

The Rich Lemonades are a light, refreshing, light, and creamy lemonade that Rich calls a sweet, citrus taste.

Rich Vanilla ice cream is a sweet vanilla ice cream with a buttery texture and a soft vanilla base.

Dreyer says Rich Ice is the perfect ice cream for all kinds of people, from kids to older adults.

The ice cream has a smooth texture, which makes it a great fit for the warmer months.

Rich Ice also features flavors like Rich Lemoncake, Rich Vanilla Cream, Rich Marshmallow, Rich Mint, Rich Chocolate Ice Cream and Rich Cream, which is a decadent, chocolate ice cream.

In 2018, Dreyers Ice Cream launched Rich Lemon Cake, Rich Cinnamon Marshmallow Cake, and more ice cream options.

Like many frozen food companies, Rich has been experimenting with new ice cream brands, but Rich is the only one making ice cream at scale. 

In the video above, Rich says the company will be adding more ice creams in the near future.